ClassOne a Semiconductor Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Founded in early 2013, ClassOne Technology is a semiconductor processing equipment manufacturer — delivering new advanced wet-chemical process tools especially for the cost-sensitive producers of MEMs, Power Devices, RF, LEDs, Photonics, Sensors, Microfluidics and other emerging technologies — all those market segments that have long been underserved or ignored by the larger equipment manufacturers. Based in Kalispell, Montana, ClassOne Technology is built upon many decades of experience from industry veterans who continue the ClassOne tradition of delivering first-class quality and customer service at an affordable price.

We provide innovative new solutions for a range of applications on 3" to 8" substrates of many materials, including silicon, glass, sapphire, GaAs, GaN, Ge, InP and HgCdTe. We make electroplating tools for development and high-volume production, batch spray solvent processors, spin rinse dryers, process controllers and more... And we’d love to serve you!

ClassOne Technology is a new sister company to ClassOne Equipment, long respected as the industry's premier provider of refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment, with over 2,500 system installed worldwide.

Our Product Line

Solstice S8 Fully Automated Plating System

Solstice™ S8 Electroplating Tool

The S8 is a smart, affordable step up from wet-bench plating, giving you volume production and higher ROI. It can dramatically increase throughput while boosting quality, uniformity and reliability — and requiring fewer people.

Solstice LT

Solstice™ LT Electroplating Tool

With manual wafer load and unload, the Solstice LT provides for easy process development and scaling. It features automated recipe execution and the same chambers and controls as the Model S8.

Trident Spray Solvent Tools

Trident™ Spray Solvent Tool (SST)

Based on Deluge technology, these next-generation batch-processing SSTs deliver a continuous, uniform cascade of solvent or rinse water without using spray nozzles, which dramatically enhances process performance.

Trident Spin Rinse Dryers

Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)

These easy-to-use, front-loading SRDs efficiently and rapidly remove residual chemicals after wet processing and dry the substrates completely without leaving water spots.