Electroplating Equipment & Products

We provide innovative new electroplating equipment for a range of applications on 3" to 8" substrates of many materials, including silicon, glass, sapphire, GaAs, GaN, Ge, InP and HgCdTe. We make electroplating products for development and high-volume production, batch spray solvent processors, spin rinse dryers, process controllers and more...

Solstice™ S8

Electroplating Volume Production

For 75-200mm substrates

The S8 is the smart, affordable step up from wet bench to high-performance plating automation. It can dramatically increase throughput while boosting quality, uniformity, reliability and ROI for a broad range of processes.

  • For plating, cleaning or etching
  • Cassette-to-cassette automation
  • Up to 75wph throughput
  • 8-chamber process flexibility
  • Thin or bonded substrates
  • Transparent or opaque substrates
Electroplating Equipment

Solstice™ S4

Electroplating Production System

For 75-200mm substrates

For some users, the S4 can provide an even lower-cost entry point into mid-level automated plating production. This tool still provides many S8 capabilities, but with fewer chambers, for a smaller footprint and lower cost.

  • For plating, cleaning or etching
  • Cassette-to-cassette automation
  • Up to 4 chambers
  • Smaller footprint, lower cost
  • To replace older plating systems
Solstice S4 Electroplating tools

Solstice™ LT

Electroplating Developing System

For 75-200mm substrates

With manual wafer load and unload, the Solstice LT provides for easy, high-performance process development. It features automated recipe execution and the same chambers and controls as the Model S8, enabling easy scaling.

  • For plating, cleaning or etching
  • 2 ECD or 1 ECD & 1 prewet chamber
  • 1 or 2 chemistries
  • Full compatibility with S4 and S8
  • Smallest Footprint
Solstice LT Electroplating

Trident™ SST

Spray Solvent Tools

For 75-200mm substrates

Utilizing Deluge technology, these next-generation batch-processing SSTs deliver a continuous, uniform cascade of solvent or rinse water without using spray nozzles, which dramatically enhances process performance.

  • Cuts chemical consumption
  • Shortens process time
  • Reduces defects
  • Increases uptime/productivity
  • Reduces capital expense
Trident Spray Solvent Tools

Trident™ SRD

Spin-Rinse-Dryer Tools

For 75-200mm substrates

These easy-to-use, front-loading SRDs efficiently and rapidly remove residual chemicals after wet processing and dry the substrates completely without leaving water spots.

  • Full touch-screen control
  • Single or double-stack models
  • DI water recirculation
  • N2 saver
  • Overtemp protection
  • Data Logger
Trident Spin Rinse Dryers