Solstice™ S8 and LT Electroplating Tools

Electroplating Systems for 75-200mm Substrates

The cost-effective route to volume production for smaller-substrate applications...

If you work on 200mm or smaller substrates you don’t need to buy a big, expensive 300mm plating tool from the Big Guys. Solstice® is a smarter and much more affordable solution.

Specifically designed for the world of smaller substrates, Solstice systems are priced at less than half of what similarly configured plating systems from the larger manufacturers would cost. Solstice provides a new cost-effective way to replace wet benches or older plating systems — to gain significant improvements in uniformity, consistency, productivity and ROI! Solstice electroplating systems allow you to do more and do it better.

Three models: from development to volume production

For process development you may choose the manual-load Solstice LT with one or two chambers. For mid-level production, the Solstice S4 provides up to four chambers and full cassette-to-cassette automation. For higher-volume production and greater flexibility, the fully automated Solstice S8 offers up to eight chambers and up to 75wph throughput.

All Solstice models share the same advanced-performance chambers, software controls, electronics and superior processing results. Each tool provides the same touch-screen control, GEM/SECSII interface, full reporting and a great deal more. As a result, you have a natural and easy upgrade path from development to full production.

Solstice with Plating-Plus adds multiprocessing capability
Because of its unique multi-chamber design, Solstice can allow additional processes — such as Metal Lift Off, Resist Strip and UBM Etch — to be integrated into a single tool. This ClassOne-proprietary capability is known as Plating-Plus™, and it can optimize Solstice utilization and give substantial net cost savings as well as significant process enhancements. Read more about Plating-Plus >

Key Features

  • Use for plating, cleaning or etching
  • For 75mm to 200mm substrates
  • Simple diameter change
  • Faster plating rates, higher throughput
  • Superior control, higher uniformity
  • From 2 to 8 process chambers
  • For thin or bonded substrates
  • For transparent or opaque substrates
  • Powerful Windows-based software
  • Broad process flexibility

Many Plating Applications

  • Cu, Au, Ni, Sn, Ti , alloys and more
  • Cu TSV
  • Cu Pillar
  • Cu Bump
  • Cu RDL and Pad
  • Cu Damascene
  • Wafer Level Packaging
  • Cyanida and non-cyanide Au
  • Low-stress Ni
  • Lead-free solder

Why A Solstice Plating Tool?

  • Processing 200mm or smaller substrates
  • Non-uniformity of a wet bench is unacceptable
  • Plating rate of a wet bench is limiting capacity
  • Manually fixturing wafers results in unacceptable wafer-to-wafer variation
  • Manual Operations result in too much scrap (mis-processing, breakage)
  • Manual Operations are risky (chemical exposure)
  • Reproducibility is now the barrier to continuous improvement and yield
  • Better than 5% uniformity is needed
  • Price of the other system is unacceptably high
  • Want to pay the minimum for an advanced, automated production electroplating tool.

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