ClassOne Technology Unveils New Solstice Plating Tool at SEMICON West 2014

ClassOne Technology | July 8, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / SEMICON West – ClassOne Technology today announced its new Solstice™ line of electroplating tools. Described as “advanced plating for the rest of us,” Solstice is designed specifically for the smaller-substrate users in emerging technologies such as MEMs, LEDs, Power Devices, RF Communications, Interposers, Photonics and Microfluidics. Solstice aims to set new standards for plating performance and affordability — with a price tag that’s less than half of equivalent 300mm tools from the large manufacturers.

“For too long, the bigger equipment companies have focused on building ever-smaller devices on ever-larger substrates,” said Kevin Witt, ClassOne’s VP of Technology. “They’ve been serving the market segment that buys expensive high-end tools — but they’ve left the cost-conscious 100-200mm people behind! Up till now, the smaller-substrate users either had to buy used equipment or pay top dollar to get the big manufacturers to build them a 200mm or smaller plating tool…”

“And that’s why we developed Solstice,” added Byron Exarcos, President of ClassOne. “This is literally the first automated plating tool that can deliver advanced performance on smaller substrates at affordable prices. And you can get it from a new equipment manufacturer whose business is actually focused on you!”

The new Solstice comes in two models: The fully-automated, cassette-to-cassette Solstice S8 provides up to 8 proces chambers for throughputs up to 75 wph, with system prices starting at $1M. The semi-automated Solstice LT features 1 or 2 chambers for development and pilot lines, with systems starting at $350k. So, emerging technology users now have an affordable, scalable path from wet bench to volume production and higher ROI.

The plating equipment enables multiple types of metal deposition with chemical pre-wet, etch, rinse and drying processes, all on a single-wafer, highly-reliable, automated system — and all driven by the long-proven Solaris™ controller on a Windows® 7 platform. The result is state-of-the-art plating performance in a flexible, modern tool that’s designed — and priced — for smaller users and emerging technologies.

Solstice is developed and manufactured by ClassOne Technology, the new ClassOne company whose charter is to provide innovative new systems to smaller-substrate users. Solstice plating systems are being featured in the ClassOne Technology booth #511 at SEMICON West in San Francisco, July 8 -10, 2014. For additional information, visit (


About ClassOne Technology

Formed in early 2013, ClassOne Technology ( is a new ClassOne company that develops and delivers innovative new wet-chemical equipment solutions especially for the cost-conscious users of smaller substrates, who traditionally have been underserved by the big manufacturers. Based in Kalispell, Montana, ClassOne Technology is built upon many decades of experience from industry veterans who continue the ClassOne tradition of delivering first-class quality and customer service at an affordable price.

ClassOne Technology is a new sister company to ClassOne Equipment (, long respected as the industry’s premier provider of refurbished processing tools, with over 2,500 systems installed worldwide.

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Byron Exarcos
ClassOne Technology
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™ Solstice and Solaris are trademarks of ClassOne Technology.
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ClassOne Solstice S8 Automated Electroplating System
ClassOne Solstice S8 Automated Electroplating System

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