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Trident SST for Metal Lift-Off Process

Trident Metal Lift-Off Process

Inexpensively patterning metal for the fabrication of micro-devices such as MEMs, sensors, LEDs, and photonics (to name a few) is a nearly universal, but fundamental process. A common and effective method is to deposit a blanket layer of metal over a patterned release layer such as photoresist. By relying on the adhesion of the metal to the substrate, the dissolution of the underlying resist releases the unwanted metal leaving islands of patterned metal behind.

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Wafer Level Packaging

ClassOne Technology

ClassOne Technology designs and builds the Solstice Automated Plating Tool for several semiconductor process steps of the wafer-level packaging process that includes, Cu Plating, Cu RDL, Cu Pillar Plating, Cu Bump Plating, Barrier Plating, and various type of lead-free Solder Plating.

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A Call to Provide Advanced Equipment to Growth Companies

Solid State Technology magazine, “Industry Forum” article: Historically, the major semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers have focused on supporting the bigger semiconductor companies at the expense of the smaller ones. The last decade’s round of consolidations in the manufacturing and equipment sectors has only exacerbated this trend. This approach may make good business sense for the…

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